Radha – A path to devotion

Temple and Lifedancing with Yashodhara Van Vilsteren and Carina-Maria Möller Caur
Munich April 5-7 2019
Dive right into the sweetness of nothing held back love.
Let you heart explode with devotion.
It´s time to connect with Radha!
When spirituality tends to be self-centred and lukewarm, Radha´s medicine brings us into devotion.
She is gently guiding us through resistance and pain right into truth and love.
She is bridging worldly, sticky ”love” with universal, unconditional love, and even though she is humble, she is not holding anything back.
She is teaching us that when we give it all, we get it all and she encourages us to go all in, no matter what.
Temple practices, mantra singing, silent sitting and Lifedancing guides you right into the beauty of devotion.
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