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Corfu Yogini Retreat – June 4-23 2023 Arillas

Connections – March 2-3 2024 Berlin

Dive into embodied presence.
Connect with the energy within.
Dance, move, shake, stomp…
Breath, chant, sing…

During this weekend we will dive deeply into Lifedancing, Lifesinging and temple practices 

– Lifedancing: conscious dance and movement – enter into the knowing body that holds and contains it all.

– Lifesinging: dive into the sacred portal of the heart and sing it out load.

– Respectful touch: connection in action by giving and receiving healing touch. 

– Dialogue practices and sharing circles: listening deeply to others, express yourself.

– Silent meditation: connect and integrate awareness with spacious presence.

The workshop is for women only and will be held in easy to understand English.

We welcome beginners as well as experienced practitioners. 

Warmly welcome!

Carina-Maria, Claudia and team

02.03.2024, 10.00-18.00, warm-up from 9.45
03.03. 2024 10.00-16.00 warm-up from 9.45

310 € – early bird 280 €

Dock 11 / Saal 1/

Kastanienallee 79/ 10435 Berlin

Registration Claudia Seifert
+49 173-10 85 091

Lifedancing is a conscious dance and movement practice inviting you to connect with the dancer within.

Lifesinging is a voice practice designed to open and liberate body, breath and voice.

Temple practices by Chameli Gad Ardagh and Awakening Women.