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IMG_0276Carina-Maria Moeller Caur

I am in a never ending ongoing exploration about how free dance and movements can support people’s creativity and health. Since 1988 I’ve been working with groups (drama, voice, movement) but since 2004 I work full time with Lifedancing and it’s a big source of joy, inspiration and learning.

I have my background in acting, singing and working as a theatre pedagogue within the tradition of physical theatre (Jerzy Grotowski/Sören Larsson and Roy Hart Theatre/Jan Rådvik). In the field of free dance I’m trained by Berit Hague. Other important impulses have come from Gabrielle Roth, Chameli Ardagh, Thomas Jordan and Sally Kempton.

I have BA in conflict management and I have worked with organisational development. I am a qualified Life coach, graduated at Strandska Utvecklingshuset.

I am in movement as much as I can, I need that to feel good. In addition to the dance, I also walk, run, do yoga and weight training.

I like reading, mostly non-fiction within the field of adult development. But I gorge in fiction during the holidays.

I sing, play the guitar and I very much enjoy setting poetry to music, such as Edit Södergran, Ann Jäderlund and Hafiz.

I am 57 years old, I have two children, two bonus children and two bonus grandchilder. My base is in Gothenburg but I also work regularly in Germany and in Greece.