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About Lifedancing

Here you can read about the Lifedancing method. First a short introduction to the different parts of the
Lifedancing practice and then a few lines about its possible effects. At the very bottom you’ll find some common agreements important to bear in mind.

About the Lifedancing method 
A Lifedancing session always begins with a warm up, centring and a gathering for a brief introduction. Then comes the grounding (inspired by Basic Body Awareness). After that you will dance through all of your body with inspiration from the elements earth, fire, water and air.

Followed by integration, relaxation and rest. In the end we gather for a follow-up. You dance with yourself as well as together with others (but those choices are always yours to make).In this way you have the possibility to practise to be centred and grounded at the same time as you meet others.

Centring is one of the basic exercises in the Lifedancing method and it comes after the warm up.
When we practise centring we develop our ability to feel our body from the inside. Instead of observing our body from the outside, as an object. We feel the breathing in our body, breath by breath, and become present in the present moment. By practising centring on a regular basis we develop our ability to be at home in our bodies. And when we are at home – centred – it will be easier to meet others without losing ourselves. We can feel where we begin and where we end so that we easier can set our boundaries if we need to and let others come close if we want that.


Grounding is also one of the basic practises in the Lifedancing method and we do it after the introduction. When we practise grounding we direct our attention into the different parts of our body. Engage our body, part by part, with presence, breath andmovement. At the same time we are warming up the body and speeding up the blood circulation as well as the flow of energy. We direct a lot of attention to our feet and we reconnect and ground all our body parts with our feet. If we want we can imagine our feet as roots. When we consciously stomp our feet down into the earth we root ourselves and connect with the earth – and with life.

In the beginning of the grounding we practise to surrender into the earth. When we give in to the force of gravity we feel that the earth is there – solid and stable – receiving us. We can then get a concrete experience from being held and carried. That can help us to cultivate the ability to hold and carry ourselves. Gradually we can begin to feel deeper presence and trust: to our body, to the earth – and to life itself.

When we practise grounding frequently we become more comfortable in our bodies. We can notice that our body starts to respond in different ways. The more we practise, the easier it will be to develop sensitivity and tune in to our body signals.

The Lifedancing cycle 
In the earth element we interest ourselves for the lower part of our body. We try to connect with our feet and our legs from the inside. Practising receptivity; receiving and allowing the impulses of movements that arise. The dance is mostly individual in the earth.

In the fire we direct our attention into our hips. We feel our life energy, our power and our inner fire. Allowing your power to show up and let it take shape in dance, in movement and in voice. Mostly we dance together in the element of fire; in pairs, in groups of four or together with the whole group.

In the water element we dance with the upper part of our body: the neck and the head. We try to let go of that, that we for different reasons hold on to. The old can be released and give space for what we actually want. We dance the water individually or together with the whole group.


In the air we move with our chest, shoulders, arms and hands. We invite the quality of freedom into our dance and our movements. In the element of air we often dance in groups of three or four, or with the whole group at the same time.

Integration, Relaxation and Rest
In the end of the Lifedancing session we integrate our dance practice through some rest and relaxation.

You choose
All guiding and instructions from the leader in Lifedancing are suggestions that you will relate to. Tune in to feel if you get inspired and check in with your inner guiding if it feels right. If you after a while notice that you always follow the same pattern and get the impulse to try something new: Try it out! You will feel if it’s right for you or not.

Different possible benefits from practising Lifedancing
When dancing Lifedancing on a regular basis you will become more agile and flexible and your fitness and blood circulation will be improved. Gradually your body awareness will increase as you are learning to listen to and trust the signals from your body.

You can also experience that you feel full of energy and awake and that you get into deeper contact with your feelings. You will probably feel more of everything: deeper joy, intensive lust and stronger pain – at the same time as you cultivate the ability to be centred and grounded even when you are challenged in your inner and outer life.

You might also notice that you get more access to your intuition, your creativity and that your creative force starts to flow. Maybe you start to dream more regularly.

Eventually you will become aware of how you, in your dance, can create more flow in physical tensions, emotional knots and in stagnation of creative processes – by setting the challenges into motion.

Step by step you will get an increasingly embodied understanding of how energy often move in cycles through different processes; in nature, in different creative processes and –  inside yourself.

To bear in mind
The dance space is open for warm up 15 minutes before the course starts. Please be in good time, then you’ll get more out of your dance practice.

Wear comfortable clothes that you feel free to dance in. Dance barefoot or in sneakers/dance shoes.
Bring a water bottle.

To minimise the risk of damages we ask you to listen to the limitations of your own body. Please tune in with yourself and rest when you need to!

The condition for participation is that you can hold and accommodate yourself and your own process and also that you can interact mindfully and respectfully with other participants.

We strongly advice against looking up and contact other Lifedancing participants outside the dance space, if not two or more participants agree to have contact with each other during or immediately after a dance session. The Lifedancing space is not a place for dating, it is a space where dance lovers come to practise their dance practice.

It’s not allowed to be in the Lifedancing space if you have been drinking alcohol or taken drugs. Cigarettes or snuff (snus) is neither allowed.

Please do not use strong perfumes, deodorants or aftershave in the dance space. Many dancers are allergic.

See you on the dance floor.
Warmly welcome!