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Lifedancing Teacher Training


Lifedancing Teacher Training
Lifedancing Teacher Training is a program for experienced Lifedancers who want to bring free dance and movement into their current profession, e.g:
– Dance and movement teachers
– Wellness and sport instructors (yoga, pilates etc.)
– Actors, musicians, dancers, artists
– Organizational consultants, coaches
– Therapists, social workers
– Teachers
– Others
Lifedancing Teacher Training
Provides you with the tools you need to teach Lifedancing.
– Study Lifedancing theory, method and practice.
– Dive deeply into the three different aspect of Lifedancing leadership: holding, guiding, instructing.
– Explore how to work with music in different ways.
– Teach Lifedancing cycles and get individual feed-back.
– Participate in group supervisions as well as supervised online gatherings.
– Examination for certification.
Lifedancing: theory, method, practice
Presentations on Lifedancing theory and method.
Centering and grounding – the foundation.
The Lifedancing cycle – going deeper into the body and the elements.
Thorough review of dance and movement practices to use in Lifedancing sessions.

Lifedancing leadership: holding, guiding, instructing.
Develop your personal leadership style.
Recognize and develop your strengths, deal with your weak spots.
The importance of assistance and support.


To work with music
Music as energy.
How to mix music.
How to work with microphone and/or headset.
How and where to find the music you want.

Group processes
Understand group dynamics.
Recognize and deal with projections, transference and counter transference.
The importance of supervision on a regular basis.

Teach minimum four Lifedancing-classes. Participate in on line supervisions, work with and complete assignments for certification.

Prerequisites for application
– Four Lifedancing work shops OR
– Four on going groups OR
– Lifedancing Embodiment Retreat, Corfu  OR
– Yogini Summer Ashram, Corfu – two weeks  or one week x 2 (or more) AND
– Familiar with embodiment practices: free dance, contact improvisation, yoga, pilates, aikido, qi gong, tai chi etc.
– Familiar with meditation, adult development and self inquiry practices.


1800 Euro

Carina-Maria Möller, Miriam Kalliwoda and the Lifedancing-team